Friday, 29 August 2008

Meet The Howling Commandoes

Sgt. Fury #1, May 1963
(by Lee and Kirby)

Famously, Stan Lee bet his publisher that he could write a war comic in the Mighty Marvel Manner style, and that it would be a success, despite war comics being virtually a dead art. This was the result.

These, then, are the heroes of today's tale, led by Nicholas Fury, who would go on to be one of the most famous recurring characters in the Marvel Universe. At this point, though, he's just Sergeant Nick Fury, bad-tempered bastich in charge of a squad of hard-boiled heroes, who are fighting a lone battle against the Nazi hordes. Or something. Here he is now, interrupting his men as they take part in a mud-fight.

Our heroes make their way to France, to rescue a French resistance leader who knows when the Allies plan to launch their counter-offensive against the Third Reich. Their plane comes under attack, and the Howling Commandos bail out, making sure to save their pilot.

Touching down in occupied France, Sgt Fury and his men quickly find themselves some Nazis to kill. Even a tank won't stop these brave boys!

Escaping from the German soldiers, the Commandos hook up with the French resistance (recognisable by their cute little berets, naturally), and set off to rescue the captured resistance leader, Monsieur LeBrave (subtle naming there, Stan!), who is being tortured for information by the evil Nazis. Just to make it clear how important M. LeBrave's information is considered, Der Fuehrer himself phones up to do some shouting.

Fortunately, Sgt Fury and crew are on their way. Disguising themselves as farmers, the Howlers infiltrate the Nazi's fortress, and the rescue is on! Outnumbered by German stormtroopers, it's not looking good for Fury and his men, so it's down to the (strangely shirtless) sergeant to save the day.

With Fury apparently dead, the rest of the Howling Commandos, aided by the sultry Marie of ze resistance, manage to find the resistance leader, who, would you believe it, is Marie's father. However, it may be too late, as the Germans have them surrounded.

Yes, like all supervillains, the Nazis can't resistance an opportunity to gloat, and have painstakingly avoided killing any of the Howling Commandos. With the Gestapo threatening to kill them, will the resistance leader crumble and give up his vital information?

Our heroes manage to escape from the Nazi castle, and live to fight preposterous battles another day. Hooray!

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