Friday, 29 August 2008

The Creature From Kosmos!

Tales To Astonish #44, June 1963
(By Lee, H.E. Huntley, Kirby, and Heck)

You may think that in the sixties, the Marvel Bullpen chose to focus all their efforts on their burgeoning line of superhero comics. You'd be wrong. Come with me, reader, as we witness the first appearance of the winsome Wasp!

Lonely widowed scientist-turned-superhero.

Mysterious visitor, and a beautiful girl!

Unpure thoughts!

"My dad's dead! Must find new daddy-figure!"

Thank god this was the 60s, or we'd really be worried for Janet.

Having rashly blown his secret identity, I wonder what old Hank'll if she says no.

* Insert your own cheap gag here.

Watch out for those giant scissors, Janet!

Boy, 60s women really went for those stuffy scientist-types, didn't they? Was Marvel Comics sponsored by NASA?

"My wife's dead! Must find new, strangely similar, wife!"

Aw, how sweet. I bet they live happily ever after!

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