Tuesday, 1 September 2009

70 Years Of Marvel - 1940

Marvel Comics lasted precisely one issue, before adding the word "Mystery" into the title. From the looks of it, the logo's designer wasn't really throwing his heart and soul into the job.

1940 saw something of an expansion in the Marvel Comics line, with the arrival of Daring Mystery Comics, Human Torch Comics, Mystic Comics, and Red Raven Comics, all published under the Timely Comics brand.

As you can see, by 1940, the Sub-Mariner had joined the war against the Nazis, whilst in the real world, Hitler's forces were bombing the crap out of Britain, and Churchill was declining to surrender. Ever.

In other news, Pinocchio was out at the cinema, as was The Mark Of Zorro (which would, in other comics news, inspire young Bruce Wayne to dress up as a flying mouse and terrorise criminals) Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry were making their debut.

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