Sunday, 13 September 2009

70 Years of Marvel - 1952

By 1952, Timely Comics was gone, with the Timely branding replaced by the Atlas one. As you can see, by 1952, Red-bashing was in full swing at Atlas Headquarters, and acts of violence were fine, so long as it was a Russian or a Chinaman at the business end of the bayonet.

Meantime, in the real world, Mrs Elizabeth Mountbatten was ascending to the throne of the United Kingdom, Eisenhower was becoming President, and Eva PerĂ³n was dead.

At the movies, Charlton Heston was running the Greatest Show On Earth, while Gary Cooper was facing High Noon. On telly, Ozzie and Harriet were beginning a 14 year sitcom run, and Bill and Ben were making their debut on BBC childrens' tv. Bernard Malamud was writing The Natural, which would one day be a not-very-good film, and EB White was writing Charlotte's Web, which would one day be another not very-good-film. Oh, and Agatha Christie's Mousetrap was hitting the stage.

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