Monday, 21 September 2009

70 Years of Marvel - 1960

Some days I'll write a long screed of junk regarding the subject of the day. And some days I'll just post a picture of a monster named "Shagg" and let the material speak for itself. This is one of those days.

Elsewhere in 1960, Ricardo Klement fell into the hands of Mossad, beginning a slow but certain trip to the gallows. Francis Gary Powers literally fell into the hands of the KGB, and would spend a couple of years in a Russian prison before going home. (Incidentally, his wikipedia entry is worth a visit, if only to read about his hilarious death). And Kennedy was beating Nixon to the Presidency.

At the movies Kirk Douglas was playing games as Spartacus, while Yul Brynner was leading the Magnificent Seven. On tv, the Flintstones were debuting, and perpetually-running soap, Coronation Street, began.