Sunday, 15 November 2009

70 Years of Marvel - 2005

2005 was the year of the Marvel Zombies. Introduced as part of the Ultimate Universe, they quickly graduated to their own mini-series, written by noted zombie comic writer, Robert Kirkman. A smash hit, Marvel Zombies has spawned numerous sequels, although Kirkman has long since moved on.

2005 also saw the debut of the Young Avengers, Allan Heinberg's book about teenage heroes with various tenuous connections to the Avengers. Somewhat delayed by the dreaded deadline doom, the Young Avengers have made sporadic reappearances over the years, although Heinberg has long since moved on.

Also in 2005, Brian Bendis brought us House of M, an alternate dimension where Magneto rules a world dominated by mutants. Sort of like Age of Apocalypse, but less bleak. He also brought us three little words: No More Mutants. All sorts of dire consequences followed, mostly involving there being yet more X-Books. The House of M has been revisited numerous times since 2005. Brian Bendis, thus far, refuses to move on.

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